Ruth Larson Life

"Ruth Larson Lives" Joins Seeka TV Line-up

Minneapolis, June 3, 2019 - Seeka TV, the top source for streaming high quality independent web series, announced that Ruth Larson Lives is joining the Seeka TV family this week.

Ruth brings you the latest tips and ideas for living your best life: recipes, cooking tips, fashion tips, household hints, poetry, health and wellness stuff, valuable interviews with valuable people - everything for you to live your best life! Everything for the everyday liver!

Ruth Larson Lives is brought to you by producers Mary Jo Pehl and Pablo Jones. The series is written and stars Pehl as the title character. Pehl has an extensive background in television, but is best known for her work on Mystery Science Theater 3K. The full season of Ruth Larson Lives debuted on Seeka TV on Monday, June 3rd and is streaming now at Seeka TV.


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