Launched March 15, 2017 at SXSW, Seeka TV looks beyond the simple problem of streaming a show to solve all aspects of web series delivery, including audience growth, audience engagement, and monetization.

With cable subscribers cutting the cord and the studio model crumbling before Hollywood’s eyes, a first generation of players created a business model that rewards the distribution platforms at the expense of the independent content creators. Read More

Tech.mn - Stealthy Minnesota Media Startup SeekaTV Opens To The Public

“MINNEAPOLIS & AUSTIN, Texas — The team of entrepreneurs including co-founders of the Dell acquisition Enstratius announced today at SXSW in Austin the public availability of their new online streaming platform, Seeka TV. Seeka TV is the first of a new generation of online platforms that serve both content creators and viewers.”

“The current business model in online streaming works well for the traditional players, but it works poorly for the filmmaker,” states Seeka TV co-founder and CEO David Bagley. “Our approach is simple. If we build a platform that solves filmmaker needs, we will attract the best content. If we attract the best content, we’ll attract viewers.”  Read More

Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal - Video-streaming startup Seeka TV gives online indie series a home of their own

Minneapolis tech entrepreneurs David Bagley and George Reese are debuting a video-streaming startup Wednesday that aims to put independent filmmakers at center stage.

Bagley and Reese are launching the company, Seeka TV, at SXSW in Austin, Texas, about four years after selling their previous venture to Dell. Seeka TV runs a website for finding, viewing and sharing online series, which are most commonly distributed through YouTube. Read More

Tech.MN - Bagley & Reese Are Back In The Game

“After you’ve had a good exit, what do you do next?” David Bagley wonders, pausing to smile.

The veteran tech founder is fortunate to be in a position to seriously consider hisoptions on the table.

“Do you drift away, retire to pursue passions and restore family focus? I think all along, we knew were open to doing it again, and doing it again together,” he concludes.  “It’s what we do?!”

Across the table, friend and business partner George Reese jumps in.

“We weren’t really in place to get in too deep while at Dell given our agreement, we had to be really patient.” Continue Reading