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"Waking Up With Strangers" Added to Seeka TV!

Minneapolis, July 23, 2019 - Seeka TV, the top source for streaming high quality independent web series, announced that drama Waking Up With Strangers is joining the Seeka TV line-up this week.

Waking Up With Strangers is a comedic anthology. Based on true stories, each episode follows one of the four main leads waking up in the morning with a new partner. And then dealing with strange and hilarious consequences of waking up with a stranger.

Waking Up With Strangers was created by filmmaker Antoine Perry. Since college Perry has forged a career in entertainment as a working film and tv actor. Recently, he has turned his creative attention toward content creation. Though his experiences as an Afro-latino queer male have made him acutely aware of the systemic challenges the "others" in society face, as a content creator he seeks to show the commonality that tie us together, bridging the many differentiating aspects that often segregate our lives.

The first season of Waking Up With Strangers debuted on Tuesday, July 23rd and is streaming now at Seeka TV.


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