miami web fest

Seeka TV Sponsors Miami Web Fest

Minneapolis, April 27, 2019 - Seeka TV, the top source for streaming high quality independent web series, is excited to announce it is sponsoring Miami Web Fest 2019. As independent filmmakers themselves, Seeka TV is a proud supporter of the independent filmmaking community. This is the third consecutive year Seeka TV has sponsored and attended Miami Web Fest.

Miami Web Fest is a 4-day festival showcasing the hottest new web series from around the world. The event is a staple in Miami’s vast and multicultural community of arts enthusiasts. Screening at Miami Web Fest allows the general public to see independently produced shows before they are discovered by big television networks and media entities such as Netflix.

A strong selection of series streaming on Seeka TV are up for awards across multiple categories, Blind, Click on This Show, Fem 101, I DO, Neem’s Themes, NewB, Pillow Talk , Theater People, The Pantsless Detective, The Spell Tutor, Utopia Planitia, and Wholesome Foods I Love You… is that OK?.

Miami Web Fest takes place May 2nd - May 5th; information on tickets can at found at Miami Web Fest. The Seeka TV team will be in Miami and looks forward to seeing everyone at the festival. Best of luck to all of the 2019 official selections up for awards!


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